"Cosas sin decir" review, Minor 7 th

"Garcia and Szternstejn are indeed a match made in improvisational heaven, as they initiate and conclude each other's musical dialogue with fluid lines and translucent exchanges." Read article.

Music without lyrics, Interview for MU Magazine

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Harmony and improvisation, El norte de castilla

"Thanks to the beauty of his acoustic songs Gabriel Szternsztejn brings a touch of elegance and distinction to modern jazz." Read article (Spanish).

Gabriel Szternsztejn, All about jazz

"Gabriel Szternsztejn is a bearer of the future of guitar playing roaming alongside the border regions of several musical geographies." Read article.

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"A musician with a singular compositional voice and a varied conceptual -as well as experiential- background." Read article.

The best in non-mainstream acoustic guitar music, Minor 7 th

"Szternsztejn enjoys teasing together complex polyrhythms with melodies that soar contagiously from the heart." Read article.

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"A good use of effects coupled with Latin American temper." Read article (German).

Música Autentica, Casa de la educación

"A praiseworthy guitarist who prefectly knows how to use his instrument to bring moments taken from our daily life." Read article.